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Crimson Shadow: Noir ANIMATED Review

Crimson Shadow: Noir ANIMATED Review

Crimson Shadow: Noir is an incredibly dark tale about the story of Xander Stryker. As an origin story, I was deeply moved by Xander's struggles. The book starts right up where we're taken into the Xander's world and his nightly rituals with a pair of custom revolvers and his ritualistic game of russian roulette.

After reading that scene, I admit that the dark elements of Xander's life were really unsettling and this story is definitely not for the faint of heart.

However, once you delve deeper into the book you find a glimmer of hope for Xander as he's presented with a new world that he had always been a part of. Xander seeing this chance welcomingly takes it and begins to see a bright glimmer to his life.

But, the author being titled "The Literary Dark Emperor" of course wouldn't let that be how it ends and that glimmer is dashed away from Xander as he awakens into his new life in a (pardon the pun) "Crimson Shadow".

However, the story moves on and Xander begins to accept his calling (and even rekindles his friendship with a female witch named Estella!)

This novel is filled with action-packed fight scenes that really give a cinematic tone to the writing and each fight scene made me more excited to see how Xander handled the next enemy thrown at him.

The ending fight scene is a fight you do not want to miss!!

Look out, vampires! Xander Stryker is making his debut!! 

 5/5 ANIMATED Stars 

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